Maximize your hair regrowth with Tri-Therapy:

  • Prescription FDA-Cleared LaserCap Technology for Hair Regrowth (1)
  • Prescription FDA-Approved Medications for Hair Regrowth (2)
  • Nutritional Supplements for Improved Hair Growth (3)

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Are you experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or balding?

Restore your natural hair with LaserCap - the original laser therapy cap, FDA-cleared for hair regrowth in men and women.

LaserCap re-energizes inactive hair follicles using Low-Level-Laser Therapy (LLLT), a safe, all-natural treatment, scientifically proven to promote hair regrowth in both men and women.

Now you can treat your hair loss with prescription-strength laser therapy in the comfort of your own home. With The Original LaserCap!


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Prescription-strength laser therapy, FDA cleared for hair regrowth in men and women.


Natural, drug-free, and not associated with any serious adverse side effects.


Use LaserCap less than 2 hours per week at home or on the go.

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Prescription-Strength Laser Therapy for Hair Regrowth

The strongest laser therapy treatment for hair regrowth on the market.

Real People. Real Results.

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LaserCap® Hair Loss Testimonials

“LaserCap Company has provided our patients with thousands of superior quality devices and backed it up with exceptional customer support and patient education tools. The results and reliability of LaserCap speaks for itself time and again – I cannot imagine my practice without it.”

Alan Bauman, M.D., famous hair-transplant surgeon

"A Miracle in My Life - A few years ago I was losing my hair in large clumps, friends who were using Dr. Rabin's Laser Cap, suggested I consult with their advisor, Dr. Doris Day in NYC. I did so and purchased Dr. Michael Rabin's Laser Cap. It was an investment I have never regretted. Within 6 months, following the advice of using a base of rogaine along with the sessions using my Laser Cap, my hair was coming back! Now, it is completely restored, but I continue to use my Laser Cap for a period of time daily, knowing that it it boosting the cells in my scalp, keeping my hair strong and healthy. There are a lot of cheap "posers" on the market, but they are NOT the real deal, you get what you pay for, and Dr. Rabin's Laser Cap delivers!"

Betsy - (Female User)

"Great product - I’ve been using the lasercap for 2 years and have noticed a big difference in my hair growth”

Jimmy - (Male - User)

"I absolutely love my LaserCap- and get compliments all the time on how healthy and full my hair looks. I am so grateful for your product and I do my at home treatments every other day. I have been a client since 2011 and I still have to undergo multiple xrays and multiple rounds of antibiotics in the course of a year for my cystic fibrosis but my hair is no longer sickly, thanks to my LaserCap!!

Kimberly - (Female User)

"A Worthwhile Investment - I have been using the laser cap for approximately 2.5 years and it has really helped grow my hair thicker and stronger. I was experiencing early hair thinning because I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and was quite self-conscious. I am happy to say that I receive many compliments on my long dark hair!

Gioia - (Female User)

"If you want to get your patients on the best laser cap (LLLT) option, LaserCap is the best.  This one has pulsed light, the best research team, and the highest potency... LLLT promotes anagen and increases the life of every hair... any regenerative treatment we give performs better with cell stimulation so we want LLLT.  LaserCap has the energy you want and you want patients on 30 minutes of treatment."

John Cole, M.D., famous hair-transplant surgeon; LaserCap Company Chief Clinical Advisor

"The Laser Cap is a True Winner! The results are fantastic and the convenience of using the Cap is unmatched in laser hair care. I just love my LaserCap!"

Cathie - (Female User)

“LaserCap maximizes patient compliance since it is worn under any head cover (baseball cap, scar, etc.) and is completely portable...higher dosimetry combined with consistent regular use (i.e,, patient compliance) may be essential for effectiveness..."

Robert Haber, M.D., famous hair-transplant surgeon; LaserCap Company Chief Dermatology Advisor

"I've had a great experience with the customer service from LaserCap. Customer Service was very quick in reply and fully listened to my concern. They were helpful and efficient which left me a satisfied customer. I highly recommend this service to others." 

Rosie - (Female User)

"In February 2010, my wife, Lynda, and I purchased a large and cumbersome $40,000 laser device through Dr. Doris Day (NYC), and we used it 30 minutes daily, 3-7 times per week, along with Dr. Day’s version of Rogaine (which includes Latice).  It worked.  Both of us experienced considerable hair thickening.  In February 2012, we learned of your Laser Cap from Dr. Day and purchased one for $3,000.  It was and is much smaller and easier to use.  We began alternating its use with the larger laser device.  After a few months, we began using your device exclusively. The bottom line is this:  Although I am  79 and my wife 65, after using your Laser Cap for one year for 30 minutes daily, 4-7 times per week (along with twice-daily applications of a version of Rogaine after adding a bottle of Latice to each bottle of Rogaine), we HAVE experienced extensive thickening of our hair.  There can be NO question about it; the combination of your Laser Cap and Rogaine with Latice DOES thicken one’s hair!  We have since bought your Laser Caps for three sons and inspired its purchase by several friends.  Bravo to you!!!"  

Lee & Lynda - (Male & Female Users)

“I wanted to look at all the available treatment options and did extensive research online. Then, I saw Dr. Yaker on T.V. discussing hair regrowth options and made an appointment for a consultation. He recommended using topical solutions in conjunction with LaserCap. I am really pleased with the results, even though it’s only been 3-4 months.”

Amanda - (Female User)


“I have been wearing the LaserCap religiously since I’ve purchased it. I find that when wearing it along with using Rogaine, my hair seems a bit thicker and I don’t seem to be losing as much. Overall, I’m pleased with the results.”

Tony - (Male User)

“LaserCap is working. I have used it consistently for 6 months. I went from feeling panicked each morning when I’d do my hair to now getting compliments on my hair when I’m out and about.”

Monique - (Female User)

"Very happy with my LaserCap - I have been using my LaserCap for almost 2 years. Very happy with it. So easy to use and I trust it’s helping my hair growth and hair health. Started using it because I stopped using birth control pill and lost a lot of hair and noticed my hair thin. I’m hopeful this low level laser therapy continues to stimulate my hair follicles and help my hair growth. I am a patient of Dr. Joel Kassimir and Dr. Allison Elliot in NYC and also do topical injections and peptide injections with them to help hair health and growth. Hopefully using the laser cap along with the injection therapies help my overall hair as I age. I think it does! Dr. Rabin is also GREAT about any questions I have and is always happy to correspond with me!"

Lauren - (Female User)

"While I am new owner (just 2 months) of the LaserCap and results are forthcoming, I can tell you this, LaserCap customer service is beyond fantastic. When you call you will get a real person, not a recording and someone who is responsive to your needs. I spent weeks researching different laser companies and which cap to purchase. I had loads of questions and LaserCaps'  customer service rep. Customer Service called me back or emailed me the information I was requesting pronto giving me the assurance that this was the home laser device for me.   The ease of use of this LaserCap is fantastic and the quality is great as well. I would recommend it to my friends and family."

Deb - (Female Patient)

"I love LaserCap, it's a Great product and works well. The customer service is even better. They reply in a timely manner and go above and beyond to make sure your needs are met."

Rootie - (Female User)

"The LaserCap has been an absolute godsend...Hair loss is extremely upsetting and I've tried so many products and procedures that simply don't work. I watched my hair get thinner and thinner...finding a solution seemed hopeless. Then my daughter saw a demonstration on TV using cool laser treatments for hair loss and told me about it. I found a doctor that offered treatments and tried them for six months. I was thrilled... it not only reduced hair loss but also my hair started growing back. I received so many compliments I decided to invest in a LaserCap. I just can't thank LaserCap enough for developing a product that really works. Thanks again for your help."

Kathy (Female User)

"I love my LaserCap!  I put it to bed like a baby when I finish using it.  My hair is starting to fill in after using it for almost a year."  

Maria (Female User)

"When asked to describe someone, we typically start with something like, "she is tall, thin and has brown hair."  As a woman, how I felt about myself was deeply affected by my hair loss.  I would stand in front of the mirror and try to comb my hair to cover up my widening part and immediately use hair spray to keep my hair in place.  I knew my secret was out and could no longer be covered up by a hair style or strong hair spray.  I researched different methods of hair transplant and physicians specializing in the field in my area.  I interviewed three specialists until I found the right doctor for me.  I'll never forget my first appointment with him.  He looked at my hair under his microscopic probes and remember his sad look of hopelessness to his assistant.  After completing blood tests and ruling out medical conditions, my physician explained that I had female pattern hair loss and very poor quality of possible donor hair.  He explained the methods of transplant available and why FUE was the best method in my particular case.  However, because my donor hair was so thin and of poor quality,  other treatment was necessary before we could proceed. I had never heard of a Lasercap and was initially reluctant to spend the money.  I like most people, wanted a quick fix.  Thankfully, my physician was knowledgeable about the best way to proceed.  He explained that to get the best possible results, we needed to make my hair stronger and healthier.  I purchased Lasercap and used it along with minoxidil  faithfully for several months before I was a good candidate for surgery.  I was amazed at the results and very hopeful about the results after surgery.  I have had two FUE surgeries over the past 7 years and continue to use my Lasercap along with minoxidil regularly.  I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't purchased my Lasercap and used it regularly.  I am beyond thankful for this wonderful product and highly endorse it.  I do not work in the hair industry  and have nothing invested in this company or field.  As a therapist, I do know that how we feel about ourselves affects our self-esteem and how we feel about the world.  I am happy to share my story and to write this testimonial.  I am also happy to talk with others considering purchasing a Lasercap.  It has made a huge difference in my life, given me renewed confidence."

Hillary - (Female User)

"Excellent customer service. Both times I’ve called to place an order, I was immediately attended to. They worked me through how to determine which part I needed for my Cap. I’ve been using the Cap for many years and it has really helped to prevent more hair loss and keep my hairline stable. I would be careful of the many imitators on the market. You may pay more but you’re getting what physician use for their patients and not some flimsy imitation which will have no parts or service if needed later."
R. Maurice - (Male User)

I am thrilled... it not only reduced hair loss but also my hair started growing back... I just can't thank LaserCap enough for developing a product that really works. Thanks again for your help.

Kathy - (Female User)

"I love my LaserCap - in fact I'm addicted to it. Before I was literally going bald on top. I went in to doctor and he suggested Minoxidil and LaserCap. I have been using my cap religiously 3-5 times per week for 5 years now and my hair is unbelievable! My only complaint is I wish I would have started sooner... it, in conjunction with a topical, has produced what I would consider miraculous results. My hair is thicker, fuller and more manageable. My husband frequently comments on how much hair I have. I have used the LaserCap as instructed by my physician and couldn't be happier!"

Jean - (Female Patient)

"I am an avid LaserCap user and supporter.  My sister, who is a Dermatologist in Newport Beach, CA turned me on to your product and I love my LaserCap."

Vasili - (Male User)

"I love my Lasercap and really do promote your product wherever I can, and 2 friends have bought Lasercaps. Thanks for taking care of your customers and sending me this charger... I can honestly say this is superb customer service and I am grateful I bought a Lasercap!! I have highly recommend this product and now I can also praise your excellent customer service."
Meryl - (Female Patient)

"I love my Lasercap!"

Paul - (Male Patient)

"Amazing Product! - I started using the Laser Cap 7 years ago after hair thinning at the front of my head. The LaserCap completely stabilized additional hair loss as well as thickened my thinning area. The part that was getting wide narrowed and the scalp that was showing lessened.  I use the cap a few times a week for 30 minutes. It is so easy to use. I hook the belt clip to my pants so I am mobile during use. It came with a baseball cap you can easily insert the LaserCap into as well as a fantastic hard case. During the year I contacted one of the founders directly as I had additional questions about the cap and my hair loss. I was a little embarrassed initially contacting a man, as it is not something many women discuss. Dr. Rabin is so kind, very responsive and answered all my questions. I never once felt uncomfortable being female discussing my issue with him. If you suffer from hair loss or hair thinning this is a must purchase. The cap definitely stabilized any additional loss.  In addition, a few years ago I changed my diet and eliminated processed foods. Started to eat plant based whole foods. My hair looks as if I had no original loss at this time. The combo of the two is an added plus. When I first started the Cap I was not eating well and my hair loss stopped due to the LaserCap alone. It stabilized the loss from progressing and even thickened my hair. I Highly recommend the LaserCap and a fantastic company to purchase from as well! Don’t wait. The earlier you start using the LaserCap the better results."

Wendy - (Female User)

"Very satisfied with my Lasercap - I have been using my lasercap for 4 years. The difference is remarkable. My hair is thicker and stronger. If I stop using it for a period of time it really shows, my hair becomes week and falls out. I highly recommend the lasercap."

Joan - (Female Patient)

"Eight years and It’s as crucial to my routine as brushing my teeth - I’ve been using my lasercap for over eight years. It’s absolutely wonderful. My individual hairs are thicker with the texture I had years ago. My thin spots are much better…I just cannot say enough about how much I love this cap! Give it about 4-6 months and you’ll notice too. It’s really, really a great product. This goes beyond where my rogaine and propecia left me. EXCELLENT, get it."

Tom - (Male User)

"I have been using LaserCap for many many years. Although my hair continues to thin, I find the cap helps to keep what hair I have healthy. I would recommend your cap to anyone that needs help saving their hair. When a women looses her originally “crowning glory” it is very difficult to accept. I where a natural hairpiece, not a wig. It is made of human hair & most people except for my close family are aware of my hair lose. I hope in my life time there will we a way to save the hair god gave you. Thank you for keeping in touch, there are several new products that attempt to mirror yours. However, I believe you were the first to me & your cap is top quality & excellent, & you also stand behind your invention. Thank you again Dr. Rabin. Karol Glover. 

I have been a cap user for many many years. Trust me it will save whatever hair you still have."

Karol - Female User

"I have used this cap aprox. 3 years . I am a 62 year old female with thinning hair in front area , I find with the use of this cap in conjunction with Minoxidil and Finasterade I have regained about 40 % of my hair back in this area .
I also want to say the support and the customer service is fantastic with this company!"

Lea - (Female User)

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  1. Prescription FDA-Cleared LaserCap® Photomedicine Devices (FDA K#161875) indicated to treat hair loss in order to promote hair regrowth are provided to patients by independent licensed treating physicians in accordance with applicable state medical board laws and regulations for telemedicine*, and supplied by FDA-Registered medical device manufacturer LaserCap® Company.
  2. Prescriptions for FDA-Approved medications indicated to treat hair loss in order to promote hair regrowth are provided to patients by independent licensed treating physicians in accordance with applicable state medical board laws and regulations for telemedicine*, and dispensed by independent licensed pharmacies.
  3. Non-prescription nutritional supplements with ingredients clinically shown to improve hair growth are provided to patients by independent licensed treating physicians as food items without medical claims as they have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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