Pharma plus photomed
patient –
Thanks Doc.  My thoughts so far on the topical foam vs. oil… After completing a can of foam I’ve started using the oil for the last 2 days.  The foam is definitely less messy than the oil which even if applied a little squirt at a time(the oil) it drips anteriorly and posteriorly.  I probably will invest in some sort of night cap as the oil also takes longer to dry than the foam. However, a can of foam is supposed to last a month and the tendency is to use more if you have more hair in the frontal and vertex areas because its harder to get the product to the scalp and I depleted the month supply early.  The oil would seem to be ideal to use when the areas start filling in thicker as you can pinpoint drop the topical. Regardless,  it seems the anecdotal info of using the topical with the cap daily may be accurate as both my wife and I see progress. I will send pics in early June so you can compare a month worth of treatment progress.
dr rabin-
I find that the oil gets to the scalp quickly where is the foam gets caught up in the hair and quite a bit seems to end up in the hair rather than on the scalp
If you apply drops of the oil and massage while you apply then you generally avoid Droplets running down the forehead,back of the neck etc.
And longer dry time is preferable because as soon as it dries then it no longer is penetrating the scalp
I would hope even the foam would stay warm and moist throughout the Lasercap treatment And I know the oil stays warm and moist which again is ideal for penetration

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